Photo by Hideto Maezawa


Yohei Aida / Takeshi Ikeda / Takashi Shingu / Ikuhiro Yamagata / Sho Yoshida

core of bells​

Japanese hardcore punk band/performance collective formed in Shonan in 2003. The band/collective consist of Yohei Aida, Takeshi Ikeda, Takashi Shingu, Ikuhiro Yamagata, and Sho Yoshida.
Began their career performing frenetic punk songs marked by irregular time signatures and speed changes, interspersed with skits. In recent years, their experiments into combining noise and the intensity of hardcore punk with silence have led to two signature aspects of their craft: the potential for non-sound-based elements to become music; and boredom’s capacity for bringing to music elements unintended by the performer or composer.

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