“From Here to Eternity/12 Months of the Monster and Mr Boredom”, 2014 [Performance]

Photo by Hideto Maezawa

“From Here to Eternity”
12 Months of the Monster and Mr Boredom

A musical composition work, which creates a place for controlled improvisation, where the player is only permitted to release continuous sounds or keep a simple rhythm. Among the 12 musicians, sitting in a circle around the audience, are a couple of classic Japanese monsters, “Azukiarai” and “Azukihakari,” who are also producing sounds.
The actual placement of the musicians are as follows:
• Viola
• Sine waves only
• Synthesizer
• Drums
• A bicycle pedaller
• Guitar
• Guitar
• Base
• Azukihakari
• Asukiarai
• Amplification of beer drinking sound
• Death voice
The performance time for each player is interdependently set, such that the number of players decrease over time. The player who finishes the performance will turn off the light shining on him.
The finished players are instructed to walk as quietly as possible around the audience, and upon completion of the performance, the music goes silent, and only the presence of the 12 players are sensed in the dark space.
The composition method was influenced by a New York style musician, Christian Wolff, and a Japanese avant-garde musician

Dec 8, 2014
Super Deluxe(Tokyo/Japan)

Direction/Cast: core of bells
Lighting: Minori Koike
Sound: Takashi Kataoka
Cast: Taku Sugimoto, Jyunichiro Tanaka, Ichiro Endo, Sho Miura, Yuki Yamano, Yasuaki Adachi, Sota Takahashi, Yu Araki, Shunsuke Kamiya, Kohei Kobayashi, Takashi Shingu, Hirhoshi Murata, Ujin Matsuo, Tadanori Koike