“Gravity Blast Night/12 Months of the Monster and Mr Bordom”, 2014 [Performance]

Photo by Hideto Maezawa

“Gravity Blast Night”
12 Months of the Monster and Mr Bordom

The performance in May is called “Juryoku Hosha no Yoru”. It means gravity blast night.
On this performance, we use 9 drums, 3 guitars, 2 basses, 3 vocals,
And play fast beat with very very loud sound. However audience also couldn’t see player at all.
Because There’re black wall between player & audience.
It was a work for the sign of the invisible orchestra either.
Audience doesn’t have anything to see but a kind of searchlight or other Audience.
As for the contents of the playing, very fast blast beat continues for 90 minutes. Blast beat is method of hardcore punk or metal. it likes Helicopter sounds.
Behind the black wall, There’ re many drums & drummers
The critic who write this performance said
“The boredom filled to the feeling which is strain but also loose is reflecting the life of Japan after nuclear power plant accident”

May 20, 2014
SuperDeluxe (Tokyo/Japan)

Direction/Cast: core of bells
Hardcore giant ensemble bigband phil:
Shunsuke Kamiya a.k.a. ALT, Sota Takahashi, Yui Nakamura, Jyunichiro Tanaka, Takashi Shingu, eda, Kemono Keika, Hiroki Togashi, Naked H Lightning, Takatsugu Mizutani, Mizuki Murano, MOGIKOJIN, Yasunori Monden
Lighting: Yu Yokohira
Sound: Takashi Kataoka
Special Thanks: Yasuaki Adachi