“Last Days of Humanity/12 Months of the Monster and Mr Boredom”, 2014 [Performance]

Photo by Hideto Maezawa

“Last Days of Humanity”
12 Months of the Monster and Mr Boredom

A performance piece by multiple players, who are invisible to the audience, like ghosts. In the venue, there are 10 invisible performers, due to the variation in the level of exposure.
The performers are previously instructed to partake in simple actions, including, yelling, roaming around, and turning on the lights. They will do these according to the timetable.
The lights in the venue are turned on and off periodically. By this, the audience will experience the presence of the players differently.
This is a piece that most directly represents the concept of the theme for the entire production over 12 months, “composition by the sense of presence.”

Mar 19, 2014

Direction/Cast: core of bells
Lighting: Sakiri Yokoyama
Sound: Takashi Kataoka
Special Thanks: Hikaru Tsuchiya, Yasuaki Adachi, Shunsuke Kamiya, Momoko Shimada, sei, Momoko Shimada, Kaya Hirasawa, Junko Miyabe, Makoto Anjiki, Makoto Tanaka, Yukinori Kurokawa, Katsuaki Iida