“Archive Box Set 12 Months of the Monster and Mr Boredom”, 2015 [Released Archive Box Set]

“Archive Box Set 12 Months of the Monster and Mr Boredom”

Description is taken from interviews about 12 monthly performance
“I feel that the archiving is an important element of this music,
because until now people talked about “what a performer did” at an experimental music concert, but the more important elements are what happened at the concert and how the audience felt about it.
For example, in text for four minutes thirty three seconds was written “the performer does nothing and be silent” but this represents almost nothing.

What’s important is what the silence attracted to music
 In my these performances, a professional writer (for example a critic) is assigned each time to write about the performance. This point is one of the most important aspects of the performance. 

Design: Atushi Suzuki
Size: mixed media, box/265mm × 265mm × 65mm, leafret/240mm × 245mm × 1mm
Inquiry Number: CZCS-005
JAN Code: 4582237833010
Price: ¥8,000 with tax